Unfair Mario


If you have ever played the Unfair Platformer game, then you’ll find the Unfair Mario game very easy to learn and play. play through the different levels and enjoy the fun.

The latest Mario avenue is an adventure game that seems very unfair. However, it is a hard game when compared with other regular modes of the Mario game series. Make certain that you do not fall into the unseen traps in order to obtain the last flag of the castle. In playing this game, your aim is to obtain the ultimate flag while surviving from the trappings. You need to unlock the different levels that have enemies that can get rid of you. As soon as you begin, you can see that there ids some concern as pertains the unfairness of the situation. You will also have to depend on absolutely nothing. Then again, it is very bad to think that you are about generating it when immediately you find that it is not possible. Note that it is completely nothing just as it is apparent. Make sure that you note the ways to avoid those traps.


Make use of the arrows to move around.
Use the space bar to restart.