Super Mario World Revived

This is a similar version to Super Mario World but with brighter, more fun and interesting look. For all the Super Mario fans and addicts the game is available online and you do not have to download it. It is easy to play all Super Mario games and this one is no exception. The player will have to wait for a while for the game to load. The time that the player will wait is totally dependent on the speed of the player’s internet connection, the slower the internet connection the longer the player will have to wait. Nevertheless this is a wait that is worthwhile for the player as the game is undoubtedly interesting with an improved graphic interface from the game Super Mario World. The game’s setting however is in the Mushroom Kingdom and not in the dinosaur world as the previous game it’s developed from is. Modern effects such as 3D and Nintendo 64 have increased the ‘cool’ factor of the game. The unbelievable and crazy visual effects that accompany Super Mario World Revived improve our already high expectations of the game and makes it even more addictive and interesting. In addition the game also includes technologies from JavaScript® and Adobe Flash Player®.