Super Mario Sunshine 64

Many Super Mario games are developed by various developers but still are copyrighted by Nintendo™. The game mentioned above is a game rewritten by many developers and is normally meant to begin in the underground section of the Mushroom Kingdom and the game is available for online play. It requires support from JavaScript® or Adobe Flash Player®. The game streams sounds and offers players an interactive gameplay to the Super Mario fan base. The game being an online based game the controls are set such that it so much easier for the users with the left and right navigational keys to move around during gameplay. The upward direction key is used to jump upwards while the downward direction key is used to go through doors and to enter into paintings. The page up and page down keys are used to control the quality of the image seen. The home key is used to return to the castle or to the initial screen that will appear when the game finishes loading. It is not possible however to save your game progress. This is because the game is built on a very simple platform and thus this did not allow for complex features to be added.