Super Mario Strikers Soccer

The user is involved in a simulation where the game is set in a soccer field and the main protagonist (Mario) and other Super Mario icons from the Mushroom Kingdom are involved in playing soccer. The game is playable on the Nintendo platform and it was a game designed for playing on the GameCube®. The game is designed such that the player gets to create a team. The game can be played in a single player or two player modes. The team that the player gets to create consists of one mascot and several other sidekicks. The mascots available in the game are Mario, Wario, Luigi, Waluigi, Kong, Daisy and Peach. However, it is not possible to choose more than one captain in a team. The game offers seven stadiums where all the action goes down (though they look very similar). The menus are also interactive and the user is able to enable and disable features. These features include the various power ups that can be enabled, match times and skill levels. The Super Cup is the main aim of the game and will be unlocked later in the game. There are various gameplay modes such as grudge matches and custom battles.