Super Mario Remix

This is one of the many alternate options available for those gamers who love the Super Mario world of games. This game is also free ware but it has to be downloaded if it is to be played as there aren't any online play versions. The game uses a one-player interface and cannot be played in versus mode. The game shows Mario in a different way than he usually is. Mario is shown to have a yellow cloth-like material tied onto his back and the material acts as a parachute. Thus it seems Mario is flying. As usual the game has objects suspended in the air that can be collected and used as in other games. These objects will either increase the number of lives you have or affect a power up. Collection of coins to a certain amount will cause the player either to receive a power up but will most likely just have an increase in number of lives. The modifications that have been done to this game make it somewhat unique from the others but it is only averagely popular.