Mario Vs Luigi


Mario against Luigi gets even hotter. this is a fight game putting Mario against his brother Luigi. So you are playing Mario’s part. there is the need to get the mushrooms to allow you to move nearer to your enemy. In case you take a tumble, then that is the end the game. So, are you going to be the winner? Rescue Mario as he might even got embarrassed as you might not notice it. You need to maintain your fight in order to make your mission attainable as you develop even more skills.

Mario vs. Luigi is one hell of a game that will make you want to play it again and again. Make sure that you try it because it is available online and for free. It is a game that requires you to utilize your skills to the fullest in order to avoid being eliminated by Luigi.


This game has wonderful controls. When you need to move, simply use the arrows found on your keyboard. In case you find yourself in a circle, simply move by pressing the RIGHT key. On the other hand, you will turn counter clockwise when you press the LEFT key. Pressing the space bar allows you to jump.