Mario Star Catcher

Mario star catcher is a very interesting game that brings a player right into the world of gaming excellence. It has a lot of fully customized programs which serve to fully display all the representative game platform systems within an exceptional range. The game is simple to grasp and the controls are similar to the typical versions whereby space bar is used for jumping while the controls can be represented in regards to navigation. The main gaol of this exceptional game would be assisting the key character reach out for the main star unit and not the flags such that s/he could proceed forth towards the next stage of the competition. You can jump up and catch as many coins as possible to ensure that you benefit the most and also stand a chance of adding up extra life. There are more than 5 stages that one needs to pass through so as to advance forth in the game. Essence of this special game would be jumping in correct manner with maximum sapped and agility so as to surpass all the pitfalls along your way such as steep cliffs and even waterfalls amongst many other shortcomings. You may as well play this game using a comprehensive collection of super working Flash Player software models.