Mario Forever

Also known as Super Mario 3 Mario Forever is an extremely interesting addition from the Mario collection of games. Being a remodeled version of the original the hit game Super Mario it has been greatly improved with better features, a highly improved graphical interface for Super Mario fans to enjoy. Without a doubt the game will keep you glued to your computer screen for hours on end savoring the greatness that is Mario Forever. The game is extremely popular among gamers around the world. It is distributed as free ware and can be downloaded free of charge. Installation of the game is easy and does not require a lot of computer proficiency. The game provides eight levels whereby game play will take place. It includes new additions that are not present in previous Mario games such additions include new enemies to fight, a platform to save your progress, improved graphics and many more bonuses. The new features added to Mario Forever are what makes it so amazing. Difficulty levels have been upped, background graphics have subsequently been improved, there are help signs for those who have never played the game before and most importantly, new shortcuts in the pipes.