Mario Bros Pacman

This is a classic style pacman play-mode version of the splendid Mario Bros game. Your main aim during play would be gaining as much glimmering golden coinage as is possible and also avoiding all perseguidors who may come along the way. Instead of the conventional character traits like Yellow Pacman, a player is given opportunity to select whether they wish to play with the main character Mario or even his brother Luigi. This particular maze represents that of a typical sewage system even though it also has certain conventional power range pellets like much bigger unit dots which has fully been replaced with systematic star representations. There are many enemies who would be seeking to take away the hero's life and these include characters such as Petey, Death, Thorn and even Poison who are all very dangerous in their own way. Before actual commencement of the game we are taken through some form of introduction that shows us exactly why and even how these two very famous brothers got stuck into this particular sewage system. Mario & half brother Luigi together with Peach and also Toadstool are just about to engage in some picnic when out of the blues a red plant system creeps off a pipe structure, grabs up Toadsworth and then vanishes into the horizon.