Luigis Day


This is a very enjoyable game that is loaded with adventures. This includes the need to jump in order to cross precipices or rivers via a little board made of wood. This requires you to be very careful in order to avoid a dangerous fall and death. Luigi should get an opportunity to show how similar he is to his younger brother who is named Mario.

Every game releases comes up with new inventions; you play Luigi days without competing against time. so for this game you don’t have to be concerned about failing to complete a level within a certain amount of time. the game controls are very simple. enter innovative worlds and find new exploits. Avoid the worrying flesh eating plants and became wealthy by gathering more and more coins. You however, have to be very careful because the plants can hide and get near you.

Enjoy the game with another character. When it comes to the music, you’ll remain entertained right through the game. The game designs are very vivid and quite detailed


Make use of the arrows to move. Use the spacebar when you need to jump. Check further directions in the game.