Gangster Bros


This is another intense Mario game that you can play. You decide to play as one of the three characters: Mr. T, Luigi or Mario. Get your shot gun and kill the turtle ruffians and any other enemies as you begin to get read of all hooligans.

The game itself is certainly a very interesting Mario remake. Luigi, Mario plus their relatively unknown brother are tired of being just plumbers. As a result, they get their shotguns to become goons. The game has a retro storyline attached to it. It is easy to make out the characters as well as the setting but the presences of shotguns means that the game has taken on a new dimension. The game is fierce but it is definitely worth it so take your time to play the Gangster Bros. Whether you are a novice or an experienced gamer, you’ll find Gangster Bros is a very enjoyable game. Simply learn the user tricks and become a true gamer. It is greatly enjoyable.


Design your personal levels in the game. Make use of the arrows when you want to move. To take aim and fire at a target, make use of the mouse.